Solar Panel installation process by BTM Solutions Southend

If you already have solar panels installed at your home in Essex, you may be wondering if you can add solar batteries to your existing setup.

Adding solar batteries to an existing solar PV system helps you to maximise your use of the solar energy that you generate. This reduces your reliance on the national grid and reduces your electricity bills. BTM Solutions are your local, experienced solar panel and battery storage system electricians in Essex. We are here to tell you more about the benefits of adding solar batteries to your existing solar system.

What does a solar battery storage system do?

A solar battery storage system is designed to store the excess energy that your solar panels generate during the day. For most Essex homes, their energy demands are highest in the evenings when their solar panels are no longer generating. Adding a solar battery allows you to access the energy your solar panels generated earlier in the day, right when you need it.

The solar battery itself is a specialised battery, designed specifically to withstand the demands of repeated charging and discharge. Solar batteries come in a variety of sizes and capacities, so you can customise your system to suit your households needs. They are available with a variety of additional technologies too. Some systems can power your home through a power cut whilst others have smart tech capabilities. As experienced solar battery installers, our electricians at BTM Solutions will be able to advise you on which battery is most appropriate for you.

Solar Battery Storage Benefits

There are many benefits to adding a solar battery storage system to the existing solar PV system at you Essex home. These can include:

Use all the energy you generate – By adding a solar battery you can make full use of the solar power you generate, with none going to waste.  This is particularly relevant now that feed-in tariffs are no longer available to new customers. 

  • Reduce your energy bills – By storing the energy your solar panels produced earlier in the day, a solar battery means you can see some serious reductions on your energy usage and bills.
  • Gain Independence from the Grid– Greater energy independence is important for many Essex householders, particularly in these times of energy insecurity. Solar panels help you on to become less reliant on your energy provider. A solar battery storage system allows you to become further self-sufficient.
  • Eco-Friendly – Adding a solar battery storage system helps you to use all the clean, green energy you produce and reduces your reliance on fossil fuel generated power.

Installing solar batteries 

Upgrading your existing solar panel system to support solar battery storage is a simple process for our experienced solar energy electricians at BTM Solutions Essex. Some systems may require a new inverter to be installed whilst others are immediately compatible. Should an inverter be needed, this too is simple task. In most instances, installing solar batteries is a swift, easily accomplished job with minimum disruption to your home. Our qualified electricians will be happy to look at your existing solar panel system and advise you of the next steps for adding solar battery storage system.

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced solar energy electrician in Essex to add solar batteries to your existing solar PV system, then contact BTM Solutions today. Our friendly, professional and reliable electricians will be happy to answer all your questions. Call us today.

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