The aim
A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction by our customers where they want us to do something about it.
Where a customer has a complaint, we will consider it and try to find an agreed course of action to resolve the
complaint speedily and effectively to the customer’s satisfaction.
The procedure
1. The customer can contact us initially by phone, email or post. They should do so as soon as possible after first
noticing the problem.
2. We will take the details of the complaint, log them in our Complaints Log and make a thorough note.
3. We will inform the customer that we will do our best to resolve the complaint but that they have a right to
pursue the complaint if we cannot reach a satisfactory resolution (see point 10).
4. For complaints by phone, if we can’t resolve the matter immediately we will ask the customer to put the
complaint in writing, in an email or letter, so that there is a clear record for everybody. We will offer help with
this if the customer wants it.
5. If necessary, we may have to ask the customer to provide us with paperwork or other material. We will note
anything received from the customer in the Complaints Log.
6. If we need to inspect the system or visit the customer to investigate the complaint, we will do so within 7
days of receiving the complaint. But if the customer is without heating or hot water as a result of the situation
that led to the complaint, we will get out to them within 24 hours.
7. If a visit is necessary, we will let the customer know the outcome as soon as possible after the visit. We will
also record this in the log of the complaint.
8. We will keep a note of contacts (or attempted contacts) with or from the customer while we are trying to
resolve the complaint, including telephone conversations.
9. We will respond to the customer with our findings and a summary of actions/communications within 10
working days of receiving the complaint.
Whenever we can, we will aim to sort the complaint out more quickly than this and informally, for example with
a phone call to give advice that solves the problem. We will still log complaints resolved in this way.
10. If we cannot resolve a complaint and the customer is not satisfied with the remedy offered, we will advise
where they can pursue their complaint.
10.1 If the complaint is (partly or wholly) about technical aspects of the installation of an energy generator, we
will direct them to our MCS installer certification body
10.2 If the complaint is about matters within the remit of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC), we will
direct the customer to RECC. The RECC dispute resolution process is set out in the ‘How to Complain’ section of
the RECC website.
11. We will cooperate with MCS or RECC complaint-handlers to assist them to resolve the complaint.
12. We will not take, or threaten to take, action against a customer through the courts without first trying to
solve the problem as set out here and in RECC’s dispute resolution process.
13. We will regularly review the Complaints Log, to identify any actions we may need to take to prevent
complaints recurring. 


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